Basic Cupcake Recipe!

I use this recipe for all my cakes and cupcakes, I just add ingredients to mix up flavours depending on what I’m making. It’s super simple, quick and easy!

untitled-design-3What you will need:

Cake Ingredients (Makes 12)

  • 200g Self Raising Flour
  • 200g Butter
  • 200g Caster Sugar
  • 2 caps of Vanilla extract/essence
  • 3 Eggs

Frosting Ingredients

  • 250g Unsalted Butter (I find unsalted butter keeps it’s shape much better when piping!)
  • 500g Icing Sugar
  • Vanilla Essence (Mix to choc powder, lemon juice/curd or any other flavour you want)
  • Drop of milk


  • Piping bags (I use disposable)
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Electric Whisk
  • Wilton 2D Tip
  • Apple Corer
  • Muffin Tray
  • 12 Muffin Cases

The Method

  1. Add the butter to a mixing bowl, and give it a good beating to get the butter to a smooth batter. Add the sugar, and beat until creamy and smooth! This is the essential part in getting your cupcakes light and fluffy.
  2. Sieve in the flour, and add an egg with some flour at a time until all the flour and eggs are combined.
  3. Whack in the vanilla essence, or any flavouring you fancy.
  4. Your cake batter is done!
  5. Add you mixture to your cake cases and put in a preheated oven at around 180 degrees.
  6. They should only take around 20 minutes, check by putting a cocktail stick or a small knife and if it comes out clean once you poke the cake in the centre your cakes are done!
  7. Whilst the cakes cool down, whisk your unsalted butter until smooth. Slowly add your sieved icing sugar bit by bit until all of the icing sugar and butter is combined if the mixture is to thick add a tiny bit of milk to make the mixture more loose. The texture should be like whippy ice cream! Add whatever flavour you want to your frosting i.e vanilla, chocolate, lemon…
  8. A nice touch i do is I take an apple corer and insert it into the cakes once they are cool, I then fill the cakes with jam or chocolate spread etc. and add the core back in to give the cakes a tasty centre!
  9. You will need a piping bag, and I use a wilton 2D tip to form a ice cream whip look on the top of the cupcakes. You want to start your swirl on the outside of the cake and swirl around into the centre to form a peak.
  10. Once you’ve piped all of your cakes, add whatever treats to the top! Here I’ve got mini Jammy Dodgers and Maryland cookies! Nom, nom, nom…



Enjoy x


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