G&T Cupcakes

I’m a massive gin lover so when I was asked to make gin and tonic cupcakes it was a huge yes! Before making the cakes, I had already seen a few recipes and images throughout Instagram and to be honest I don’t know why I haven’t made them sooner; I love cake and I love gin, it’s a no brainer!

I began researching and came across recipes from Bake It Instinct and The Happy Foodie and basically blended the two. I used my normal standard cupcake recipe and added gin into the mixture the same as Bake It Instinct, however I wanted to create the gin and tonic syrup to pour over the cake when they were baked to create a ‘drizzle effect’, so I followed The Happy Foodie’s syrup recipe.

I found that once I left the syrup mixture on the hob to melt the gin began to disappear as expected, I usually like a thick syrup but this wasn’t really possible as the more gin I added the thinner the syrup became and the longer I left the mixture on the hob the more the gin evaporated! Before you know it I had already tripled the amount of gin needed, ooopsies! I’ve seen recently you can now buy gin flavourings so this may be a great option to get a strong flavour.

I then stuck to the icing recipe I normally do which was the same as Bake It Instinct and I used a Wilton 2D large tip to decorate and voila, I had lots of gin and tonic cupcakes!

Thank you Bake It Instinct and The Happy Foodie for your tasty recipes!

Soph x



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