Glady’s Vintage Tea Room

Another day, another afternoon tea, this time I tried Glady’s Vintage Tea Room in Seaton Carew, Hartlepool and what a find!

Seaton may not be the most picturesque beach in the North East, but to be honest it’s one of my favourites probably because it was my childhood beach. But, I’ve never stepped foot in Glady’s Vintage Tea Room until a few days ago and I’m annoyed at myself for not going sooner. I’ve heard so many great things about it and walked past many times but never thought of going in.

Glady’s is a 1940’s themed vintage tearoom and bistro, the place is full of 1940’s signs, decor and even the lovely ladies wore vintage dresses and pinned up hair, it was fab!

It was already fairly busy when we walked in but it was absolutely fine, we got seated and served really quickly and before you know it the tea room was full, but it wasn’t loud and it didn’t effect our service either. We were served a big pot of coffee with beautiful vintage cups, plates and cutlery and then the afternoon tea arrived.

The sandwiches were really tasty, we had egg mayo and ham (I can’t remember what was with the ham but they were delish). We both had a scone each too and they were the perfect size, sometimes scones can be huge on an afternoon tea –  I’m not a fan!

Now on to the cakes, the victoria sponge cake was the lightest and fluffiest cake I’ve ever had and the cream on the top had another flavour which I couldn’t distinguish but it made such a difference. There was a cute banoffee tart, a trifle, a cheesecake (kind of) cake, carrot cake and they were all just delicious, I can’t recommend enough!

I’ve tried so many afternoon teas in my time and Glady’s is up there with one of the best! The whole experience was completely different to any afternoon tea i’ve tried, so much so I’m going back next weekend.

Soph x


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