The Franafel Pop-up Kitchen experience

Franafel pop-up kitchen

I stumbled across Franafel’s Instagram page after becoming a fan of the band Cattle and Cane quite some time ago. Fran plays the piano in the band, but his Instagram was full of plant based food that looked insane, so of course I’ve followed Franafel ever since.

I decided to do Veganuary this year and I tried a few of Fran’s recipes throughout the month (they were delish). So I booked on to February’s pop-up kitchen at Chilli Cake in Hartlepool, along with my sister who is definitely not a vegan or a veggie!

Fran’s pop-up kitchen’s have made their way around Teesside over the past few months and I was looking forward to visiting Chilli Cake again – if you’ve never been get yourself there, they always have funky events on, from live music to craft workshops.

The whole evening was so relaxed and chilled, while me and my sister were chatting the lovely Julie from Chilli Cake spoke to us and gave us a taster of Donzoko’s craft beer, it’s the little things! I’ve always loved visiting Chilli Cake, I love the food, the vibe and of course the decor.

Before the evening we had no clue what was on the menu, but as soon as we saw the menu we were buzzing! We both love curries and I’ve tried so many veg curries throughout veganuary. We had veggie bhuna with the best bombay potatoes and sticky rice, it was absolutely delicious and I still can’t get over how good the potatoes were!

Franafel's pop-up kitchen

And then, we had the best brownie we’ve ever had! I’ve tried making vegan brownies and they are so difficult to get right. These were just something else, better than any non vegan brownie – hats off to Fran!

Franafel's pop-up kitchen

I would definitely recommend booking on to Fran’s next pop-up kitchen, whether you’re a vegan or not, it was a great experience and Fran was lovely too!

Franafel's pop-up kitchen

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