Black Olive

Black Olive

It was my first visit to Black Olive in Yarm last weekend and I was pleasantly surprised! One of the benefits I’d say is that it is tucked away down one of the side streets in between Boots and the Black Bull, I always feel like Yarm restaurants can be heavily overcrowded but that’s my own opinion. Not knowing what to expect, I was actually surprised by the interior and the feel of the restaurant. I only got a picture of one of the seating areas but the whole place feels luxurious, from the extravagant bar right down to the choice of chairs. They also have the ‘library’ which can be used for private dining too, which you see through the doorway below!

Black Olive Yarm

We obviously went for the full hog and had three courses, to start I had the Goat Cheese Terrine (£7.95). I absolutely love goat’s cheese and I can never resist opting for it, it had chunks of potato throughout which really broke up the flavour of the goat’s cheese but in a good way! My boyfriend went for the Pea Veloute (£4.50), I didn’t even manage to take a snap of it before he absolutely demolished it (see pic below) and he stated it was “the best soup he’s ever had” – a pretty bold statement.

Next, I went for the King Prawn Bucatini (£15.95); bucatini pasta, king prawns, rocket, cherry tomato and chilli paste, spring onions and crumbled goat cheese. They weren’t stingy at all with the amount of prawns, every bite I had was filled with massive juicy king prawns, the crumbled goats cheese melted as soon as you stirred which made the sauce a little bit creamy too and it wasn’t overly spicy either. It had plenty of sauce and a generous sized portion! It had a thumbs up from me.

Black Olive

The lad went for the Wild Mushroom Risotto (£12.95); wild mushrooms, guanciale, savoy cabbage and parmesan crisp. He really enjoyed it, it wasn’t mushy which is always a good thing and again it was another generous sized portion!

Black Olive

I went for sticky toffee pudding but I got it without ice cream for dessert, and to be honest I don’t think you can go wrong with it, you know what you’re getting.

Black Olive

The lad went for the Champagne pannacotta, I’m not sure if this was a weekly special or if it’s always on the menu. But, it was amazing but really sickly!

Black Olive

I thought the cocktails needed a mention too, I had a rhubarb and blackberry bramble and a cherry amaretto sour and they were both MEGA. Most of the time I don’t bother ordering cocktails as they are always just juice but these packed a punch, so get these two if you go you won’t regret it! Their bar had every spirit imaginable too 😉

So, to round it up I definitely recommend rocking up on an empty belly we were absolutely stuffed. They are very generous with their portions but I’d rather be over fed than not have enough food any day of the week! The food was really tasty and I think the price matched the food as well and to top it off the cocktails were something else.

I’m glad I was asked to come along, thank you for the invite Black Olive!

Ps. they also do an unlimited pizza and prosecco or beer night for £18 on a Tuesday.



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