Peppermill Bistro

It’s an absolute crime that this is only my second visit to The Peppermill Bistro in Billingham, especially since it’s my hometown! My first visit was years ago when they first opened and I remember being blown away the first time, I’ve been meaning to go back for so long and I finally did just that.

I decided to go for their early bird menu, 3 courses for £21- it’s hard not to at that price. Usually early bird menu’s aren’t the best, however Peppermill’s is an absolute cracker!

I went for the beer battered cod goujons, fresh lemon and tartare sauce for starter. The batter was really light and tasty, and the cod was the same – it just tasted really fresh.

Teesside Foodie

For main I opted for their Surf & Turf ; 6oz rump steak, king prawn scampi, garlic mayo & chips. I still can’t believe this was on their early bird menu. Considering the steak was really thick, it was cooked to perfection and just the way I like it – which never normally happens! The king prawn scampi had a really crunchy batter and the prawns were big and juicy, the chips were top notch and the garlic mayo deserves a good shout out too.

Teesside Foodie Peppermill Bistro

Teesside Foodie Peppermill Bistro

Just look at the steak…

Teesside Foodie Peppermill Bistro

They have a vegan menu and I already clocked this before I booked, I can’t have dairy and it’s always a nightmare ordering desserts whenever I am eating out. So, when I saw that they had vegan desserts I was over the moon. For the vegan menu you need to pre-order, so I did just that and went for the sticky toffee pudding.

But, I ended up having to cancel the night I originally booked and I felt terrible because I had ordered the dessert, I said that I would come and collect it haha but they were really understanding and told me not to worry.  Cut the long story short I finally made it the following evening.

After all of that, I finally got to eat the sticky toffee pudding and it was definitely worth the wait! If you’re a vegan or have any intolerances definitely check out their vegan menu, the choices are great compared to other menus I’ve seen.

Teesside Foodie Peppermill BistroHonestly, if you love really good food The Peppermill Bistro is a must. So many people rave about it and I completely understand why. They have steak night, a monthly tapas night and I believe they also have Sunday lunch once a month, as well as their ‘normal’ menu and specials. Everything sounds and looks unbelievable and the combinations of ingredients are very interesting – there’s clearly some amazing chefs behind the menu. I still can’t believe this place is in Billingham, it wouldn’t look out of place next to a high-end restaurant in my opinion.

Just go, I don’t need to say anymore.

A part from the staff are lovely and the service is spot on too!

2 thoughts on “Peppermill Bistro

  1. I simply don’t get down to Teesside enough. Seems like there are a few decent restaurants that are worth visiting.


    1. You definitely do – there’s so many restaurants that are popping up now, I still have so many to visit!


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