12 Harland Place | Pudding Club

Having booked up for Pudding Club at 12 Harland Place, a good 3/4 month in advance, I was absolutely buzzing when the evening arrived.

What’s so special about pudding club, you may ask?

Pudding Club takes place the first Monday of every month, where basically you get the chance to try and taste lots of amazing desserts, what’s not to like?

On arrival, you are provided with a score sheet displaying all of the desserts. Once you’ve tried your dessert you mark it out of 10, then once everyone has finished, the score sheets are added up, and the overall winning dessert gets added to their dessert menu for that month. A pretty great tried and tested idea for mixing up a menu monthly!

For the month of August we got the chance to try:

  1. Lemon Cream Tarts
  2. Russian Raspberry Pudding
  3. Summer berry Scottish shortbread
  4. Peach Sorbet
  5. Pear & Amaretto
  6. Raspberry Pavlova Ice Cream
  7. Oreo Truffle
  8. Keylime Pie
  9. Tiramisu

My absolute favourites were the lemon cream tarts, pear and amaretto cheesecake(my normal favourite, it sounds bizarre but it is unbelievable), and surprisingly the short bread!

The problem I found was I just wasn’t a fan of a few of the desserts anyway but they were loved by others, just my taste buds are not a fan of Oreo or tiramisu (even though I love coffee). I’m definitely going to go again, but I think a summer month wasn’t the best option for myself. I prefer more warming hearty desserts, so I’m think a winter month would suit me down to a t! The months before August all looked insanely good and I can’t wait to go back and fill my face with more dessert 🙂 They have so many types of evenings, like spudding club, a mixture of starters and puddings and beer themed evenings, so if you’ve not got a sweet tooth there are lots of other fab evenings, or even just their ordinary menu is a fave of mine!

Have you been to 12 Harland Place’s Pudding Club, what did you think?

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