Deja Food Truck Review

Deja Food Truck was on my radar all throughout lockdown and I’ve been following their journey ever since. There’s nothing I love more than a good Teesside success story, especially when it revolves around food. James came up with the concept of delivering restaurant quality food straight to your door after not being able to be furloughed after starting a new job. The whole concept is based on James’ passion around fresh seasonal ingredients and world food.  

With a new menu every single week, fresh ingredients, restaurant quality and doorstep delivery, I’m in, no questions asked. James kindly gifted me a meal for two and I was over the moon, I’ve been meaning to order for literally weeks so it was a no brainer for me to of course say yes. 

With a new menu every week I was excited to see what cuisine I would be having, it was,‘’A taste of Italy’ and I was very happy after seeing the menu! 

Choice of mains:

  • Nonna’s lasagne al forno, with rich beef ragu, chiani and melting triple cheese sauce
  • Giant meatballs with handmade tagliatelle and san marzano DOP marina
  • Spinach and butternut squash canneloni with homemade ricotta

All mains come with:

  • Bake at home rosemary and piquante pepper focaccia
  • Chopped italian salad with home dried tomatoes, olives, herby croutons and creamy italian dressing
  • Roasted italian vegetables with gremolata and torn burrata


  • Cannnolis by Finns Kitchen (orders came with one of each per person)
  • White chocolate and raspberry
  • Dark chocolate and pistachio

£40 for 2/£65 for 4/£85 for 6

I sent over my choices of lasagne and meatballs, with my preferred delivery day (Friday or Saturday) and chose a time slot plus I sent my address, it was really easy and much easier than trying to choose a meal in a restaurant or a takeaway with huge menus.

I was genuinely so excited to receive my big bag of food, everything was labelled with allergy information too, a very organised method that I bloody loved. Inside the big bag of goods was some instructions which were very easy to follow, you literally couldn’t go wrong.

Let’s talk about the food!

After whacking everything in the oven, it was a waiting game, it smelt absolutely unreal, the bread along with the lasagna and meatballs, oh my… You don’t get that with a restaurant or a takeaway, I can tell you that. 

The lasagne and meatballs came out bubbling away and I knew they were going to be full of flavour just by looking at them. I was so impressed by the handmade tagliatelle, it took 90 seconds and the main meals took around 30 minutes, it was so quick and easy.

I’ve never had fresh tagliatelle before and it was a dream, along with the giant meatballs and rich beef ragu it was a match made in heaven. I really can’t explain the rich and deep flavours of the meat and the ragu, it was just so god damn tasty.

The lasagne again was just layers upon layers of flavour that just didn’t stop. THE FOCACCIA, oh my days, the photos do none of this food justice, but it was the best focaccia I’ve ever tasted, it was so soft and it was the best thing to mop up all the delicious sauces. Even the salad was beautiful (said no one ever), I absolutely loved all the extra things like the dressing that came with the salad, the gremolata and torn burrata. You could taste and see that they had thought of every ingredient and gone the extra mile with basically every bite.

Every week they collab with another food business, which is such a good concept to introduce other businesses to more people. Finns Kitchen provided the Cannnolis and oh wow they were amazing and so moreish, and not sickly somehow?

You’re probably thinking, how is this different from a takeaway?

Firstly, the food is literally restaurant or even better than restaurant quality, me and my boyfriend both said this was the best Italian meal we’ve ever tasted. Secondly, the food is all prepared for you to simply heat at home, which makes it a lot easier to cook it whenever you want it, it tastes so much fresher, plus it’s actually hot unlike some food deliveries and you don’t even need to leave the house, another bonus. Thirdly, just try it you won’t be disappointed. I’m already kicking myself for missing 11 menus, I don’t know what I was thinking. 

Follow Deja Food Truck on Facebook and Instagram to order, they release their menu weekly and you need to be quick, they sell out very fast!

If you’re not comfortable visiting restaurants at the moment or fancy something different other than your usual takeaway food then I would recommend giving Deja a try. When has it ever been possible to order Greek, Jamaican, South American, Asian food etc delivered to your door in Teesside, it’s stupid to not give them a try.

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